Elphinstone road station stampede: Hours later, kin of victims rush to collect lost items

Elphinstone road station stampede: Hours later, kin of victims rush to collect lost items

The ELPHINSTONE Highway Station on the Western Railway (WR) witnessed 22 deaths on Friday after a rush on the catwalk ladder connecting Parel to the Central Railway (CR). For nearly three hours after the incident, Government Railroad (GRP) and Rail Protection Force (RPF) teams maintained passenger movement on the common deck.

High WR rail officials reported that they were continually receiving calls from travelers, while the lines of help on the platforms were also flooded with requests for information.
Relatives of the victims who had lost their property also rushed to the station to pick up the items, he added.
Karan Joshi, from the helpline’s special helpline team, said: “The Helpdesk witnessed 30 calls of up to 18 hours of travelers wishing to learn about the incident.” Eager to obtain information about friends or relatives who were regular in the station and could not be contacted. ”

However, officials added that things have returned to normal on the afternoon of the season.
Until the evening, bloodstains could be seen on the steps and tin sheets of the catwalk, which had witnessed the fever. People entering the station after the incident stopped at the site to take stock of what happened earlier in the day.
The reservation office near the north staircase of the bridge had become a “lost and found” center for the families of the victims. Few GRP officials maintained property of the victims, including bags, plastic bottles and mobile phones.

A senior GRP official stating that: “Of the total of 30 bags we received, only seven people returned to claim their bags. We made sure to check the person claiming an item.”
Ticket agents said they also witnessed the accident, as they were in the immediate vicinity of the accident site. However, they preferred to stay indoors to keep the money in the office.

A reservation clerk said, “We are still in a state of shock. We saw dozens of crowds on the bridge, but I would never have imagined these many deaths at the train stations because of the crowds …”
Meanwhile, train services at the WR continued to arrive late in the late hours of the day. Many rail services in the north and south directions of the WR were canceled.

Raj Bhadre, another passenger, added: “In an unusual place, the motormen made announcements, asking travelers to approach the premises slowly. For at least an erroneous stop of the inhabitants of the reserved places created confusion among travelers.
Officers at the station rushed to escort the victims to the hospital. Additional staff at nearby stations should be called in to continue operations, he added.

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