10-Year-Old Beaten Up Allegedly By Teachers At Ludhiana’s Ryan International School

10-Year-Old Beaten Up Allegedly By Teachers At Ludhiana's Ryan International School

When a 10-year-old student at Ludhiana’s Ryan International School returned home with bruises on his back, his parents were shocked to learn that the boy was beaten with a stick by his teachers.

Jaswinder Singh, the child’s father, says his son was beaten by two of his teachers – Raman and Harpreet the day after he fought with another student.

“Mrs. Raman told me to find her after the recess, when I entered the APT room, she started to hit me with a stalk,” said the student in class 4. The police recorded a case and analyzed the images of CCTV cameras provided for the school.

However, the school principal dismissed the allegations and indicated that the child was not even touched by the teachers. “I can assure you nothing of this kind has happened.” The student was suspended for a month for disciplinary reasons after he fought with another child, “Gurpal Kaur Anand told ANI news agency.

“I fought with another child who spread a tooth on Wednesday.” When the parents were called, my wife went to meet them. However, he was hit with a stick the next day, “Singh said.

When he was out of town, Mr. Singh said, the boy told the incident on the phone and sent the pictures of the red marks on his back. Immediately we did his medical examinations, he said.

“I took the matter with the manager who refused to believe me.”
Singh also claimed that the crackdown was the result of his complaint to the leadership of “high voltage cables around the school,” according to ANI.

The latest incident occurred a few weeks after another student in the Gurgaon division of Ryan International School was killed in one of his toilets. Pradyuman Thakur, 7, was found with his throat before his father left him at school.

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