Pune’s oldest Ravan effigy makers, Pardesi Ravanwale, turn 35 this Dussehra

Pune’s oldest Ravan effigy makers, Pardesi Ravanwale, turn 35 this Dussehra

As a 13-year-old student, Pune-based Ramlal S Pardesi, now 52, ​​to the portrait of Ravan with his friends for the first time, knew little that he was pursuing a permanent career. While he continues to make effigies in the years for a locality, he obtained the first order in 1982. Since then, every year, Pardesi and his family members in all other works a month before Dussehra and get occupying to make the effigies.

“I have a special bond with this festival” Welcome to this art, it is more a hobby for me. Pardesi, who is also a team of 11 workers working with the effigies of southern Ravan. It is also a team of 11 workers who work with the effigies of South Ravan. the sewing of clothing, the smoothing of body parts and the choice of emotion on earth.

Dussehra, Pardesi dresses in the construction business, which closes hanging 20 days each year before the festival. Pardesi shares that, in fact, the fact of environmental effigies from 18 to 20 feet in height, gradually demand for higher peaks increases. “In an environment of 19 to 20 years, I made an effigy of 48 feet in height.
The next Dussehra, I received a 50-foot-high effigy order from a Pimpri client. Apart from Ravan, it is also seen in the effigies of Kumbhkarna and Meghnad. Now, most people are looking for a combination of three effigies, “he said, adding that his customers are scattered across Chinchwad, Dehu Road, Pimple Nilakh and elsewhere.

Make et al. A tedious and artistic process, he said. Once the check is painted, there is an entire hour for the drought. Later, clothing, nets, legs and body should be designed. “We try to give a natural respect.” The purpose is the size of aunts and body parts to be proportional.

For regular customers, we began masking masks in January. Because each effigy has 10 masks, we do not let everything go out for the last minute. Even designing a set of clothes takes an entire day, “he adds.
Raw materials include bamboo, flexible wires, paint colors and gold papers. This year I made 11 effigies. “On days that charge Rs 2,000 per foot,” he said.

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